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ESXi cheetcheat

It’s not everyday you work on a Vmware Esxi platform, and I now felt the need to collect some of the quick fix that I keep forgetting. Most of the issues are with the new Esxi 6,5 on a “none-supported” platform. esxi 6.5 angular js error on login with chrome (You can’t log in with […]

pluck: 1 – Writeup

Getting ready for NetWars later this month it was time to sharpen my game. Let’s pick the first good Vulhub vm and have a go. Pluck: 1 – looked like a good start, no info what so ever.. lets see how it goes. First let’s run a nmap and discover what service we have to deal […]

Wireshark – export cert

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Wireshark, and in one scenario I had to verify what certificate was used. Exporting the public certificate from a Wireshark it’s pretty easy if you know what to do. First you need to capture the handshake. If you do see the Client/Server Hello messages but no Certification, you […]

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