Skiing, something different!

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So here we are, three happy boys who wanna get out into the wilderness.. Kim, myself, and Bjørn. And only one of us new the path we where taking….

Bjørn takes and alternative routeKim doing the trackes

Bjørn didn’t like the path, so he tok an alternative offpist route, down a small hill, you never gonna have more fun then you make, or do your self… Kim, on the other hand, took the safe route, on the path, where there are no tracks…

resting time

Bjørn, who might be the fittest person, when it comes to skiing, had no problem. Kim, that’s another story. There is a saying that every norwegian are born with skiis on there feet, Kim did defently not get born with them… but I’m impressed that he did the hole route, not that he didn’t have much choice. Myself can say that it has been a while since I’v been doing crosscountry skiing, that’s for sure.

Well, if the weather stays like this, then this trip is defently not gonna be the last one this winter.

Cherio for now!

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