Capture HDV under Linux

HDV 1080i

After searching the net for quite a long time, I finaly got HDV capturing up and running under linux. So that I won’t forget until the next time, I’v made a small tutorial on how to capture hdv, using test-mpeg2 script from Libiec61883 package, and mpeg3toc and Cinelerra.

This is defently not a success storie. I’v got a crap computer for this stuff.
(AMD XP 2800+, 1024MB RAM). Just playing it in cinelerra didn’t work to well, guess I need a new computer before I even can think of playing with HDV video. But for you guys how does have a better computer, have fun.

Tutorial on Capture HDV under Linux

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  • k225/07/2007

    it is possible to edit in Cinelerra in low resolution (proxy file) and then render high resolution movie:

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