Movie mirror is gone bye bye

Error connecting to mirror

My friend who was hosting my movies over at, has taken down the site. And now, I don’t have a place where I can store my movies. I’m searching the web at the moment for suitable web hotels and I found some interesting places, but they are quite expensive. Because of that, and that I’m still searching for work, I have to wait.

If by and chance there is anyone out there, with access to quite a lot of space, where I can host my movies, I would love to get in contact with you. But for now, everyone how want to download any of my movies just have to wait, and see what’s gonna happened.

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  • Anders01/08/2006

    Hi, need a mirror??
    Sjekk ut en side som heter
    Jeg hadde web plass der før og der var det plenty av space.(som web og ftp) Jeg hadde endel filmer og musikk der til nedlasting/streaming. Virka som hastigheten ut var grei. Vell uansett, det er gratis og jeg hadde ca 1terrabyte med plass..
    Stå på…. Anders

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