New Car

My New Car

If you rember my trip to voss earlier this year, my car didn’t make it. It broke down in evje, on my way to Voss. There has been so much trouble with it, so I sold it for 4k, just to get out of my head. Since then I’v been looking for a more kayak friendly car. I have been look for a -96 modell VW Transporter, with the new TDI engines, but no luck for me, well there is a lot of those cars out there, but not for sale in my price range. I then ended up with a fear nice looking VW caravelle with a buch of things that has been fix, so if I’m lucky I don’t have to do any repairs in the near furture.

Guess I only need to build a bed now… and wait for the floods to come!

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