Fisheye – Century Optics


This is what I’m talking about. Extrem FishEye on it’s best! I’v been looking for a proper FishEye lense for my camera for while now, but It’s been hard. Not just because there is so many too pick from, but it’s kinda hard to get a hold of here in norway. It’s not a normal consumer marked for those things. But there is one place I know of at least. And that’s where I went.

FishEye is a wicked lense, where you can get some wicked photage when your up close to something. The effect is just insane. Another thing that is quite importen for me, is that all my equipment need to be small. So I can carry it with me in my boat. That’s why this lense is perfect for me. This is somehow kind of birthday present from my family, so a BIG thanks to all of them.

Here are some pics, with and without lense. I recond you can see witch one is witch.

Fisheye ON FishEye Off

FishEye On FishEye Off

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