Askeladden Steinerbarnehage – New site.


Hi all,

This is my latest work. A new site for Askeladden Kindergarten. Camilla contacted me after she saw my work with They wanted a new site, that was easy to maintain. Since I’v got good experience with WordPress I decided to do another site with this wonderful CMS. Finding a new theme that would fit there need was hard, but after a while I found something I could use. Editing and tuning this theme, into what it is now was a challenge. Me and gfx is not very good friends. But I’m getting better. The header looks sweet now, I think. There are still quite a lot content that are missing, but this is up to them to complete. My work there is done, (Well told them I would help them getting started, on how to use the system, but hopefully this won’t be that much work. WordPress is a simple system)

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