Christmas Spirits.

xmas theme

1th of December, we getting close to Christmas. So why not change the theme of my little website. I haven’t done much work on this theme, since I’m only using it for a months. But thought it was quite cute.

My plan was to make a calender for this year, posting a new video every day. But since I haven’t got that much money, this fall. I haven’t had the chance to buy myself a new computer. I’m still saving money for a new Mac Pro sys. Can’t wait to get my hands on one of those. But sometime, during this winter, I’ll see if I can fix something. At least a small overview on what’s been going on in the seasons of 2006.

Ps. Also fixed some broken links in my download section. Haven’t heard about this failing until a couple of days ago, anyhow, it’s now fixed, all links should be working.

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