Face life of year 2007.

About time something happend around here, or what? Thought it was time for facelife of my blog/website. Since I’v had the old one for over a year, (Execpt a small brake with a christmas theme). It was defently time for a change. Surfed around for a while, too get some creative thinking going, and came over a really nice theme. Even if it is great from the bottom it ALLWAYS need tweeking to fit your needs, and to look cool at the same time. So the last 6 hours or so, I’v been glued to the computer screen tweeking, testing, doing gfx….. at the end it came out quite good, I think……

I’v haven’t had the chance of testing it out properly yet, so if you guys see any stuff that breaks. Let me know, so that I can fix it. There are still some small things I would like to do something about, so I’m not 100% done with the new design yet, but the main structure and theme layout is up…..

That’s it for now. Just around the corner, the kayaking season starts. So next time there is an update here, there might be some kayaking related postings. So until then, take care.

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