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Tech Net

Today I’m adding a new section to my website. This is section is called Tech net. Through out the years, I’ve made some small scripts, configuration files, setup etc, that I would like to save for future reference. I’m getting lost in everything that I’ve got laying around here, so why not put it up on the web. It’s not going to be blog entries after blog entries with updates on Tech Net, it will just stay in the background and get his own small updates.

The first one out is a script I made in Perl. To make my encoding from Cinelerra .mov files to XviD a hole lot easier. It’s called and can be download from Tech Net.

The problem with mencoder now days, is that it fails a lot (at least for me), that’s the main reason I made this script. It’s a got function if it fails the first time, to retry depending on user input.

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