Mac Pro – It finally arrived!

Mac Pro

On Friday I could hardly do anything useful at work, constantly check TNT site for when my new Mac Pro would arrive. What a disappointment when the status change to “Not delivered / incorrect Address / Return to base”. After a couple of calls, it turns out that the TNT delivery dude couldn’t find the place, because his GPS didn’t have the address on it (Outdated map), but we could collect it at TNT HQ between 6pm and 8pm. So that’s what we did.

What a delightful sight!.
It’s a sexy bad ass machine. After unpacking and turning it on, it kind of turn me on as well. ;). I’m new to Mac, but that was just a new challenge. But I must admit that it kinda freaked me out a bit, how do I install a new app, how do I change settings eg. Played around all Friday night. Just getting used to how everything works, and it didn’t take long before everything just felt natural. Having experience from both *nix and Windows, the switch wasn’t hard. And before I knew it, everything just felt natural.

It will, for sure, take some time getting to know everything. Had a sneak peak on Final Cut Pro yesterday, it’s a lot different. I’ve got a couple of tutorial on FinalCut, so now it’s time to read a bit and play around. So next time BrainDead Production will release a new movie, it will definitely come as a product from Final Cut Pro.

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