Snow snow snow snow …….

I came back from the south yesterday, and oh my god. Down there we’re defiantly not used to having a lot of snow. Not now days at least. And not when it all came down at once. They actually had to close down the main road (E18), and they haven’t done that, since back in the mid sixties. I’m not gonna say much more, just have a look at a couple of pictures I got from this weekend.

Btw, got my hand on the new Ammo, but more on that later…..

The first picture is from my old house, where I used to live before I moved into Oslo. You can hardly see it. The next two are of me and my father trying to get around. Kind of hard when you have snow above your waist.

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  • valem27/02/2007

    Yp, I’m in the office, going slightly mad, I know there’s just a bit of snow in our mountains, people from everywhere are talking about snow and now you with these pictures.

    And my shiny new snowboard is waiting.

    I envy you!

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