What’s up? – TechNet and WP update.

Quick update, just to show that I’m still alive. There hasn’t been much kayaking lately due lack of kayaks and it’s still freezing up in here… Guess it’s gonna be better when the spring and my new kayaks arrives…..

Yesterday I went for a walk by the side of Akerselva. A river that flows straight into town. It isn’t big, but it does have some tricky points. I think when my new boats arrives, I gotta have a shoot at this river.

In other news, TechNet has been updated, with a new FreeBSD guide. It’s an on-going-tutorial I’m writing to document how you can set up a FreeBSD server. First part is ready, but there will be a lot more when time flies by.

In other news part 2. WordPress just released a WordPress 2.5 Brecker. As for visitors it isn’t much new, but if you’re a blogger and use wordpress, you’ll be surprised how nice-looking the new admin interface is, and all the new futures are appreciated.

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