NVE-Collectors Edition – a gift to all of you!

TechNet strikes again, this time with a update of NVE-collector-script.

A while back I build a small script to collect water levels from nve.no. This was then used on NPK’s webpage to show different water levels in the area. But was badly written, and couldn’t not be easy implemented on other sites. So then it was time to rewrite the whole thing….

NVE collectors edition

The basic NVE-collector script can be downloaded from TechNet. But this was not enough for me. I wanted to build a NVE collectors edition page, and so I did.

The basic are build, but now I need help from you guys to finish it. What I need is:

  • NVE-ID (eq 0018.00010.000)
  • River-name
  • Mininum and maximum values
  • Short comment

The comment section hasn’t been implemented yet, but will arrive shortly. This is to give basic info about the river. One station can be a messasure point for 5 stretches, and you then need to be able to tell witch stretch works on what waterlevel… you know what I mean.

If you know other places that provides level information. I can probably extract information from them as well, and included them on the site………

So, enough said.. —> NVE Collectors Edition <---

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