Weather Station

Hello everyone. Let me tell you about my new pet project!….

My parents are building a cabin. It’s gonna be more like an extra house, but however they will be getting a fiber connection there…. And when you have a 24/7 fiber connection somewhere in the world, you need to figure out what fun you can have with it! That’s when I came acrosse the idea of having a weather station there. I’ve never explorer this field before, so everything is new, but sometime during 2Q of 2009 the weather station should be up and running!

After searching around the internet, I found a device called LaCrosse WS-2355. This will be the base unit for my project. I know this is not top notch, but I think it will fit my need. If I find this projected super cool, then I might consider upgrading with a better station….. But for now, here is my LaCrosse WS-2355.

The plan is to use a Asus EEEBox or something similar with Ubuntu Server installed. With software like open2300 or Weather Display. Not sure what the best solution is yet, as I’m still playing around with the setup. As you can see from the pictures above, I’ve allready installed a test setup here at my place in oslo…..

There will be a own page for this project when I start documenting everything…

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