Cry baby – yes, that’s me!

That is precisely how I feel right now!
Nothing is going my way, these days… I can’t do anything but cry!

It all started two days ago, when I came how from work. The first thing I do when I get home is to turn on my screen, turn on my amplifer, and hit Play on iTunes…. But what do I get? Well it says that the music libairy is not in a valid format and can’t be opened. Then I tried some other applications, and everything starts hanging.

It was time for the famous quote “Have you tried turning it on and off again” (credit: It Crowd)

After a reboot I open Disk Utility. Only to find that my raid0 array of 2x 500GB is broken. One of the disks is reporting S.M.A.R.T.failure. Tried repairing, tried reboot again, tried disconnect the disk and “blow” on them… but the outcome was that one of the disk was dead!!!

The results, well I lost almost 1TB of data. And I know you gonna say: “Why did you run raid0, it is so unsafe…” Well, the reason is simple. I use my computer as an edit station for my HD movies, and get best speed from HD source, I went for raid0….. But lucky me, I did have backup of all my pictures and documents… thnx to my little backup rutine.

But what I really lost was my newest project. I do not have backup (except on tape) of all my HD source material…. So there goes my vision on releasing a Highlights of 2008 kayaking movies in December. Something I’ve been doing the last couple of years……

Also I lost some of latest change to my openPHPWeather project… But lucky I got a .tar.gz file that isn’t all that old….

And if that wasn’t enough. Trying to get all my frustration out of my head, I wanted to play some CoD4, but what happens… I get these strange glitches when playing…. so no point in playing that game…

Well, I’m on the edge of give up…. I’ve got so many projects that need my attention, but I really can’t be bother right now. They just got to wait for a little wail. The only thing I could do to help, was to offer PLEX some storage place and bandwidth. So I guess I’ll be serving some PLEX release from this server shortly. Btw, if you need a amazing media center, and is running Mac, you should defiantly check out PLEX. It is super cool!

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