Æsir-Network – One step closer….

What is the Æsir-Network?

It’s not just one project, it’s more like a concept. A concept of building a computer network based on many different services. I’ve a had a linux server running for quite some time, but it wasn’t before I moved it, and started to expand it really kicked off. Æsir-Network is now located in three different geographic location, with 10+ network devices running everything from a simple routing device to a full on web service. Interconnected via openVPN for LAN2LAN connection. The major service running within the VPN is the backup service. Currently it is just two and a half computer how is automatically syncing their files to a central server, but there will be more as the time goes by….

ODIN and FRIGG – Two norse gods and also the name of two of my servers.

Anyhow, earlier today one of my main servers, (ODIN), got yet another core dump. ODIN is a 4U – Intel Xeon based Server, running FreeBSD. And since the hole goal of the Æsir-Network is to experiment and try and learn new stuff, I’m running ZFS for file system management. I’m not gonna start on how much I love ZFS, but since the warning at boot time says;
“WARNING: ZFS is considered to be an experimental feature in FreeBSD.”
I can’t start complaining when I get system crashes, like today. But, it’s not to bad. This time it took over 34days before it crashed, and before that, over 110days….

Since I allready had downtime on ODIN, I decided to upgrade to FreeBSD 7.1-RELEASE. But not with out complications. First I got a core dump again, right after I finished the `freebsd-update install` for the first time… Doing everything remote, (something you should never do… but what the heck!) it’s kind of hard doing hard reboots. Something you need to do when you get core dumps as the system freezes… I’m glad my brother was home. He wasn’t to hard convince, and he needed a break from shoveling snow. everything actually went quite good, major problems. The only thing that didn’t, work after the upgrade, was SNMP.

/libexec/ld-elf.so.1: Shared object “libperl.so” not found, required by “snmpd”

A quick search on Google and I found the solution too that as well. This had probably nothing to do with the upgrade from 7.0-RELEASE to 7.1-RELEASE, but perl it self. If I’m not mistaking, I upgrade all ports (including perl) just before I started the upgrade to 7.1. I found the solution over at NetManiac.

Running one simple command: `perl-after-upgrade -f`

So there you go, a quick insight in the world of ÆSIR. If you didn’t know, ÆSIR is clan of Norse gods, so all my network devices are called by Norse names. Like ODIN, FRIGG, BRAGE, HOD, HERMOD, BALDER and …. you catch the drift…

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