Celebrating 2009 with a new webserver.

Christmas is over, New year has been celebrated… It’s time to get started on 2009!
Celebrating christmas at my parents place back in Arendal, I also had the chance of expanding the Æsir-Network. The server park is growing, and I now have a dedicated webserver. In good old spirit I’ve kept on naming them after norse gods, so I hereby welcome BRAGE to the Æsir-Network!

BRAGE is a cute little 1U server, running a minimal FreeBSD config, witch is currently hosting this domain (dev/n0ll.com), Ikkesant.com and as mirror server for PLEX. It might, in the future, also host some other domains.

In other news;
They have given up! – After almost two months with distrubed bruceforce attack against ssh on ODIN, they gave up around new year. (check ssh-stats). When they where going at it at best, ODIN had about 1000 hits per day. (ps, if you look at the graf, something went wrong around new year, as it peaks on 1600 hits over a long periode. This was due to a scripting error….)

So that’s it for now… Stay tuned for more fun news….

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