Easter joy!


Easter is here, then what…?

It’s time for starting our latest building project. “The Server-Bomb-Room”. Well it’s not going to be bombe room, but almost? My brother and I are building an extension to my brothers house, for hosting ODIN,BRAGE,HLIN and FRIGG. The server are now standing in a technical room in the basement, but due to the fact that this room also host the warm water heating, the room is way to hot. We need a more suited environment for our machines. Basically we’re building a small 2x2x2 meter room outside. Before we even can begin building we need to clear out a lot of gravel and stones. So that’s how I’ll be spending my Easter.

Well, I can’t be doing that all day long. I need to put aside some time for reading. Two weeks after Easter I’m taking the CISSP exam! Damn it’s though. It covers everything that has to do with security, and that’s definitely not just Information Security….. It’s super interesting, but there is a lot of domains that I’ve never touched before. So I’m kind of starting from scratch here. I’m glad it I’m not taking the exam tomorrow, because I definitely do not have enough knowledge about the subject yet. And the worst thing about it is that I can even get the proper certification. Since I do not have enough work experience two or more domains, I can only get the Associate CISSP certification!

But I’ll also put some time aside for checking out my parents’ new cabin in Tovdal. Really getting a couple of days of total relaxation. And I’m installing my Weather Station! I still haven’t found hardware to run my openPHPWeater system, but the LaCrosse Unit shall be installed!

Well that’s it.
Hope you all have a great and relaxing Easter holiday!

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