The day we ALL hate….

data-imageI had my day in December, when I lost about 1TB with data. Mostly HD source material from my movies, but lucky me, I do a rsync every week, so I recovered all the important stuff. Didn’t lose anything of big value. Last time, before that, was in 2002, where I lost EVERYTHING…. But this time it was not my turn. My xgirlfriend has a big passion for photography and has about 20GB with various photos from the last decade, and who else can she call when suddenly they are all gone…..

Time for Rescue Mission
I’ve never done recovery on a Mac system yet, so first off to do some research.
What kind of Recover tool to use? Searching the net and you will find plenty of software that claims to be the best. I found two that might just do the job. Data Recover from Stellar Phoneix and Data Rescue II from ProSoft.

Ey, I finally got to use some of my knowledge from the CISSP course. Well there as a chapter on Data Forensic and special on how to handling and working with data. Do absolute nothing that can damage the data. So they first I did when I got the call was to tell her, Do absolute nothing, do not touch the computer, leave it!!! The return of the clone! Doing a clone of the whole hard drive (250GB) took me about 4 hours. And when I got that, it was time to put my selected tools to work.

First out: Stellar Phoneix.
Yeah I know, I should have done a `dd`-clone, but Data Recover had a built-in image maker so that’s what I used. I might go back later to do a proper `dd`-clone, but this will have to work for a first try. Remember that I have never done this before.

After 4hours I finished Catalog fragment search, Directory Tree structure, but still haven’t done file check. And I didn’t find much. Definitely a FAIL!!

Next up: Data Rescue II
This was a LOT faster, took about an hour to get the same results as Data Recover from Stellar Phoenix. But still not finding what I wanted.. Time to do an in-depth-search. Tried a `Deleted Files Search` and it gave me a lot! 34000 pictures!!! I could say this was a success! But to be sure, a started a `Thorough Scan`. Found about the same as the `Deleted Files Search”. Guess this is the best I can get out of this.

Job done!
Pictures has been recovered. Not sure how many I managed to recover, but I guess a lot. Still a BIG job to go through them all and divide them up in categories and by when they where taken, but that’s a job I’m not planning on doing…. A girl got to do some work too… What I’ve learned is that if you happened to delete some files on a Mac system. Data Rescue II from ProSoft is the best choice!

One happy Tine, that know that not ALL her pictures is lost for ever!!

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  • Tine25/06/2009

    Takker og bukker 🙂
    Nå er det meste sortert, kategorisert og jeg kan kose meg med bildene mine igjen.
    God sommer videre!!

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