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CISSP certification
After numerous hours of self studying, a 5-days crash course, almost two horrible weeks of waiting, I finally got the result on my CISSP exam. Guess what, I passed! Passing this exam is probably one on my major accomplishment in my IT career. UnfortunatelyI do not have enough work related experience, but I have now the pleasure of calling myself an Associate of (ISC)2. Now I only need to wait for the years to past, so I get the proper CISSP certification! Congrats to my self for job well done!

Moving of www.braindead.nu
It’s time. www.braindead.nu is now the first step of series of big moving project. The website has had a facelift, and will no longer be a blog site, just a pure video content site. Everything else has now been moved to dev/n0ll. I’m aware that the current movie on the front page is just a half make. Due my problems when editing the movie, this is all I’ve got. Maybe at some later time I’ll do some more….

NVE Colletors Edition
Due to the move of www.braindead.nu, the NVE Collectors Edition is now a part of dev/n0ll. I didn’t know, but it hasn’t been working for a while, due to the lack of curl support on this web server. This has been fixed, and you can now check the stats for you favorite river in Norway.

Den Store Styrkeprøven
This spring most of my spare time has been devoted to training. After accepting a challenge from my uncle, I’m doing one of the hardest tour races on a bike on the 20th of June. A race witch starts in Trondheim and ends in Oslo, covering 540km. I’m a part of team from Rye called Rye18. As the name predicts, the goal is to finish the race under 18 hours. Wish me luck!

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