2009 – The year of super fitness

The Main Goal – Styrkeprøven -09


It’s getting closer, the day that I will bark on one of the toughest things I have ever tried to accomplish. It all started around Christmas time in 2007, when my uncle challenged me. Both my uncle and my father has done this bike race 10 times before, and my uncle said that I wouldn’t have a chance, and that he would beat me with 3-4 hours. Cocky that I am, I accepted the challenge. When I finished (hopefully I will.. ) I also accomplished a goal that I set my self a couple of years back, when I said to myself that I will compete in this race before I’m 30, and at some point I’ll beat my old mans records from 2000, when he did they race in 18 hours 45 minutes and 44 seconds!

The Race
“Styrkeprøven” is one of the worlds toughest tour races on a bike. It’s a road bike race going from Trondheim over Hjerkinn, through the valley of Gudbrandsdalen, before passing through Lillehammer and then down to Oslo. Covering over 540km on the way. With the highest point, Hjerkin, 1100 meters above sea level.


Race Profile

The preparation
Well, you do not just show up and hope that you will complete this race. You need hours of preparation. And since my goal is to finish in under 18 hours, I’ve spent quite a lot time preparing. I bough myself a bike in spring of 2008, and hit the road. Through out the year of 2008, I’ve been training a couple of times a week, but nothing regularly. I managed to get in some trips over 100 km, witch was a lot at that time. Specially when you’re doing it all by yourself.

1st of January -09 – Time to get serious!
No more smoking, no more partying, and time for doing regular training every week. Since we live in Norway, there was no way that I could get out on the road with my bike, so after borrowing some spinning equipment, I started doing spinning in my apartment. Combined with running, skiing and weight lifting, I was on my way!

Warm up goal – Birkebeinerrennet -09
Birken The snow gods has been very gentle to us this year, and after one of my friends asked if we should do the Birkebenerennet. It was time to get some serious cross country skiing done as well. My old skies from the early ninetieths was no good, and with some help from my loving mom, I got hold of some top notch equipment. And oh my God how much fun it is, when you do have proper equipment. After numerous trips, with headtorch in forest surrounding Oslo, I was on the starting line of Birkebeinerennet. 05 hours, 9 minutes and 26 seconds later, I had complete my first cross country skiing race! The goal was under 5 hours, so I missed that by a bit, but due to the sloop condition, witch was terrible since I started late, I very happy with the result. There is a big chance that I’ll be standing on the starting line next year too….

Easter time, time for road biking!
Finally it was time to get my bike out of my apartment, and hit the roads! Since I’m a member of SK RYE, and part of a team that is planing on doing the race in under 18 hours, I attend their organized training. Witch happens three times a week. And adding some weight lifting, and kayaking training I now was using all my spare time out training, and it has proven results!

Inspiration and stats
While training, there is nothing more fulfilling then seeing results. And by doing most of my training with a Polar RS800 with GPS module, I could track my progress. And what fun it has been. I do not think that I’ve never been in such good shape, as I am now! And here are some stats from the 1st of January until now.

Running: 114km
Skiing: 327km
Cycling: 1730km
Total: 2171km*

Total exercises: 120
Total hours spent: 173

* This is what I’ve logged, but in reality it is a lot more. My GPS unit has a bad habit of not working, or is just out of batteries.

Here we go
So next Saturday at 08:32, I’ll be starting my journey from Trondheim to Oslo. Wish me good luck, I might need it. And here is a pictures of my bike, that I have, and will be spending quite some time on.


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