Summer is soon over…

Well, time flies when you have a great time. This summer has gone so fast, I can’t belive it is soon over. Having my last weekend in Arendal now, and then I’m going back to Oslo next week. Looks like we gonna have one finale mission before it’s to late. But before that, some news!

Sjoa River Festival
One of Norway’s classic festival witch is held in mid July in Sjoa/Heidalen. A must, if you are a kayaker, got some spare time and located in Norway. Waterlevel was good, and I had the chance of re-meeting one of my top 3 rivers in Norway. The Skjørli! Cruising down at 1.40+. After hitting the first wave, a huge grin appeared on my face, and I just kept on smiling all the way down the river, the drive back home, partying all night, and even when I woke up the next morning, there was still a smile. We tried again later the week as well, but going down the river at a higher level (1.50), with me as a guide, (I’ve only done the rivers a couple of times) we where out of luck, we had to portage out, but even then, I smiled.

The Ula Race!


Missed a couple of lines, but hitting a major buff (well, it was after the race, but who cares???), I came 20th place. Not that impressive, but Martin Vollen, witch came 1st, had some really nice lines, and he was fast. Guess it was payback for not making it to the finals in the Sweet Rumble. Witch by the way, Morten Eilertsen won!!. It’s so good to see Norwegian on the top again. Con’grats to you both!

In other news!
New car? Ohh yes… My old one is now for sale.
And I’m gonna pick up my new car later today! So I’m really looking forward to “kayak-pimp” the car. It’s a 3-seater, so now it’s just one big empty room. But after some isolation, bed making and other stuff, I recon it’s gonna be pretty sweet. I’ll create a new post, just on the pimping action! But for now, here’s a picture of my new girl!


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