The Solo-Mission!


“Solo hjelper bare mot tørsten”
That is the slogan for Solo, a Norwegian soda. It means that it will only cure thirst…. And I guess it’s true. Finally the water level in Akerselva was at a good flow again, and all my mates where working, or busy with other stuff. So then I decided to go on a mission. A Solo-Mission

Blue=Walking, Red=Train/subway, Yellow=Kayaking

The mission was simple, go alone, go only by public transport or by kayak!
Trip started with a walk up to Grefsen Station. Not that fare, but when you racing against the clock to make the train, it’s super exhausting. Guess I’m not that good of prediction time, so a reached the train station well before the train left. Next move was to get the kayaking onto the train, kinda impressed myself there, and got a LOT of strange looks when I got on. But all good when I reach my end of the train section: Kolsås!

Short walk down to the river, before heading downstream.
The first bit is super easy, and it does not get exciting before you hit the big dam before Nydalen. After that you have nice little stretch with some small drops and rapids before you have to walk around a tunnel.. Then your off again with artificial riverbed, and people still looking very surprised when you float downstream.

The fun thing about doing solo kayaking in a urban river is that your not all by yourself. There is people everywhere. And when doing the biggest rapid of the day. A super cool drop, I kindly asked some random people to take a pictures of me running it.


They got so impressed so when I hit the next rapid a little bit further down stream, they where more then happy to take another pictures!


After that it was just a mellow run down to the subway, and bitch of a walk up to my apartment again. So, when the water level is up and running again in Akerselva, don’t be surprised if you see me floating down the river by my self.. again…….

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