Surfing Morocco, skiing in Hemsedal

December was one of the best month last year. Went to Morocco for a week on a surf holiday on the 12th of December, coming back to celebrate Christmas with my family, and then headed for Hemsedal for some wicked skiing and partying over new years!

Apparently it’s only suppose to rain about 5 days during December. Guess we got lucky and got about all of them. But lucky for us, it usually only rained during the morning. And the rain didn’t bother us that much. We where in the water anyway. We stayed at Surf Berbere, and small surf camp in Taghazout. Atmosphere and the people there where great, and is definitely a place we can recommend for other who is going to Morocco for a surf! Just remember one thing…. It’s a dry town, so bring spirits! The guys at the camp organizes a beer-run into Agadir, so you place an order with them..

Silje, the sexy ghettosmurf

New Years eve in Hemsedal was blast, but I somehow lost my camera between the After-Ski, and the cabin…. So no pictures..

I’ve also just ordered a SBC unit from, so my water level project is under construction. More on that at a later stages.

Just wanna wish everyone a happy new year.. and let 2010 be even more extraordinary then 2009. Bring it on!

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