FreeBSD with ZFS boot

Greetings my fellow n3rdz!

The last couple of weeks, I’ve been playing around with OpenSolaris. It got proper support for ZFS and I really like zones, but that’s where it ended. You can’t even do a minimal base install, by default you install X and Gnome. In witch server environment do you need X? (Yeah, I’ve tried out Automated Installs, and playing around with jeOS as well, but to much hassle)

So here we go, Back to good old FreeBSD!
Now it was time to check out ZFS as a root file system. After doing the normal research around web, I found the proper way to do it! Martin Matuška @ knew how do make the process super simple.

Here is my quick X steps for getting a ZFS mirror pool as root file system.

#1 – Download image from
#2 – Burn and boot the image
#3 – Login as root and run these two commands, and your good to go.

># mount -t cd9660 /dev/acd0 /cdrom
># zfsinstall -r mirror -d /dev/ad0 -d /dev/ad1 -t /cdrom/8.0-amd64.tbz -s 4G
># init 6

This of course takes it for granted that your cdrom is @ /dev/acd0 and your two HDD are ad0 and ad1. After you reboot, you can login as root and customize the hell out of your system. (The bonus is that you now have super small footprint to begin with)

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