Spring Road Tripping!

There ain’t nothing like a propper road trip to kick of the season.
But it was dry start, but ended up with flood!

To sum up everything in one sentence;
3250 km, 5 places, 12 rivers, 1 demonstration and I guess enough beer!

Not in the mood to tell you all about it, but the trip went from Oslo -> Voss -> Jølster -> Sør-Trøndelag -> Østerdalen -> Voss -> Oslo. With no water the first couple of days, but with too much water later on. We probably did quite a few rivers at a higher flow then it is usally run on. Big Water Kayaking has just been redefined! Here are some pictures from the trip.

The happy couple!

Scary portage!

Happy girls

Back in Voss for the demonstration, we had two wicked runs. The first one went to Urlandselvi. I did the river with Per many many years ago, and was really keen on having a go at it again… First day: to much, no kayaking. Second day, a bit low, but high enough for a good run. Bit shallow between the big rapids, but Mathias and myself had a great time running the double drop!

Me boofing the first one

Mathias boofing the second one

The Branseth!
Before heading back to Oslo. We also did one of the classics in Voss.
Not sure on the water level, we arrived just to find out that it was pretty high!

Andy shows how it is done!

Benji at the last drop

Close call?
The new way to run the waterfall @ the Competition run

Can’t wait to get on the road again!

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