Aurdøla – Do you feel lucky?

There is description of Aurdøla, it doesn’t contain much…..
It describes Aurdøla as one of Norway steepest, when you compare gradient.
It drops 220 meter in 2km, that is, on average, a gradient of 11%.

The description does not say anything about the rapids but ends with:
“The only thing you have to ask yourself before putting on is, Do you feel lucky?”

There is hardly no eddies, and when you finished with one rapid you straight on to the next one… scouting can be done,
but on high flow you might not be able to catch the last eddy.

Usually there is no water here, but these clips are from when the water level is way above what’s normally to run it on.
During our mission down the river, we portage 2 rapids, could probably been run, but we didn’t fell lucky!
On lower water, the whole river is a treat, and one of my all time favorites.

Hope you enjoy the show.
And comments are welcomed! 😉

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  • silje13/10/2010

    WAOW. bakoversveis.datt nesten av stolen. gratulerar med at du klarte å gi meg høgare puls her på kontoret! sinnjukt bra!!!

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