Turkey 2010

When the paddle season is reaching its end, and all snow activities has yet not started. It’s time to escape Norway and enjoy what other countries can offer. Last year we went on a surf mission to Morocco but this year it was time to be check out how it is to be a proper tourist. Going on a all-inclusive trip to Turkey, it was time to relax on the beach, get ripped of by tourist tours, and get some proper tourist pictures!

Or just enjoying all the activities offered around the hotel!

Okey, we did get out of the Hotel an explore Turkey as well.. We did a one day trip to Pamukkale.
Witch was great, but if we where to do it again, we would have checked how far away it was, and how long time you where going to get there. 10 hours drive and with only 2,5 hours there, we where not happy.. You definitely wanna stay some more time here….. But we got some cool pictures!

We also got time for some wanna-be bouldering!

Getting tired of traveling with tourist, we rented a car and went to Tahtali Mountain. Well, this was a built tourist attraction. How builds a cable car going up to 2365 above sea-level and has nothing of interest then then view…. If we had done a little bit more research, we would have done a hike up the mountain and then take the cable car down again. But with only flip-flops as footwear, this was not an option. But at the top, the view over Kemer is beautiful.

Ok, we need a proper tourist pictures from the top of the mountain as well…..

After visiting Tahtali Mountain we went to Phaselis, and while wondering around in the ruins,
it was time for some more wanna-be bouldering….

And that was it…. time to plan our next trip…

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