PHP framework – What to choose?

I’m taking my php skils to the next level… Writing good php application from the bottom is to much work, and what do programmers do best? They reuse code.. My initial thought was, get something I can build on top. But in my research I came across a lot of php framework that really looked promising. Some basic testing and the mandatory “hello world” -app, and too much reading of review on the web, my conlusion has come to this rating. Best on the top.

  1. CodeIgniter 
  2. Kohana
  3. Zend Framework
  4. CakePHP
  5. Symfony

This is as subjective as it can get…. It all depends on what kind of background skills you have and what type of projects your are going to develop. My choice was Yii,  not sure if it’s gonna be your choice.


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