IPv6 on FreeBSD VPS

My current hosting provider has kindly provided me with a /64 IPv6 Net. Time to get connected!
The normal wiki entry doesn’t include a FreeBSD setup, and after a couple tries, and google on my side is still couldn’t get it working.
A couple of emails later to support asking for help, they kindly informed me that they had given me the wrong net…..

Changed my Net, and I was running IPv6.. Yeah!

So what did I do to get a working IPv6 connectivity when your have been given a /64 net, and your default gw is on another subnet.

Edit the following files, and add some information.
I used the following example information
My Network: 2001:DB8:100:1
My Gateway: 2001:DB8::1 

/etc/rc.conf  ==>

ipv6_static_routes="gwNet gwHost"
ipv6_route_gwNet="2001:DB8::1/128 -iface re0"
ipv6_route_gwHost="2001::/3 2001:DB8::1 -iface re0"

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