Portsnap error

Had some major problem doing a routine portupgrade her today.
Apparently some problem with portsnap, and since `portsnap fetch extract” would not work.
There time for some more drastic measurements.

Delete port database, fetch new, and extract it.

#rm /var/db/portsnap/tag
#portsnap fetch
#portsnap extract

Looks like that did the trick!

## Update ##

More problems… When running a version check (`pkg_version -vIL=`) all my packages are broken.
You will see a long list with

package1 ! Comparison failed
package2 ! Comparison failed
package3 ! Comparison failed
package4 ! Comparison failed
package5 ! Comparison failed
package6 ! Comparison failed

But guess what, you can apply the above method to fix this issue too… 🙂
If you not keen on doing a full extract, the following will rebuild your index.. and should work (but not tested)

# cd /usr/ports
# portsdb -u
# make index

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