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After I wrote some words on my work for a friend of mine (Spot Tracking for Armatura borealis) I’ve got a few feedbacks, and ppl wanting the code… I’ve hesitated because I eventually wanted to release it as a full blown WordPress plugin.. with unzip, active, config and use.. easy for everyone.. and one of the basic things that I wanted was a MySQL backed..

But you never have enough time… So here goes.. My release of SPOTTracker for WordPress… Share, modify, use, and share again.. You can do what ever you like with it.. (almost) a general GPL license applied!

Download link:

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  • Bob Girdo04/07/2013

    I am having a problem running the Spot pluging on a Fedora17 machine. WP activates the plugin and gives the 3 links, the first only contains the Descrion and SPOT logo, there are no fields for inputing required information. I have the write permissions in place. Seems php code isnt executing for some reason. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Lars-Georg Paulsen22/09/2014

    Since I’m not using this plugin actively anymore, there will probably be no more development on it. Changing the XML path should be easy, as long as SPOT has maintain there XML format..

    @Bob, check your logs, http-error or something. the php code is probably failing at some point, and the error log will give you a hint, maybe the code it self is buggy, or your missing a module or two..

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