Cisco Certification path

What do you do when there is suddenly no need for you at work ??
Next think you know, your sitting at home… doing nothing….

Well, no time for weeping, time to get working, to get a a better job. I now had the chance of getting away from all the bureaucracy and get back to the technology. And a hope of landing a more technical job, it was time to get my certification path going. I think of my self as quite technical, but the lack of documented work experience it’s kind of hard persuade a new employer that your are the one for the job. In order to back up my self though knowledge, I thought a CCNA certification would be a good start.


Doing some free test online, I scored about 40-50 % correct. So that should be a good start. And with no prior experience with cisco (hands-on, that is..) I recon this should be a breeze.

Getting a hold of a pdf version of the CCNA for Dummies, I started reading…. But behold, there are surprisingly many “errors” in the book. And it doesn’t cover everything. So after ordring “CCNA Cisco Certified Network Associate Study Guide, 7th Edition” By Todd Lammle I was ready to go…

I’ve got admit, it was not that easy as I thought.. CCNA curriculum is WIDE, not as wide as the CISSP, but still wide as hell. And some of the fields I was really struggling with. Take eg Frame Relay.. No one uses that here anymore…

But after fast-reading the dummy book, and going through Todd Lammle’s book, and doing HUGE amount of tests, and some live labing (I got a hold of some Cisco switch /routers) I was “not ready” for the exam, but did it anyway.. And guess what, I passed! And as expected not scoring top points on the configuration simlets.. Need more hands-on experience, and I have now started on the CCNP Path…



I’ve just started reading for my 642-813 SWITCH exam, and I’m really getting blown away by all the cool things you can do. I’ve always thought of Layer 2 Switching as kind of boring, yeah, you can do some VLAN, trunking eg, but there are some much other stuff you can  do. Especially on the multi-layer-switches…  So now days I’m searching for some more equipment to expand my home lab. I would love to get a hold of a C3560G or a C3750.

So that’s it for now… My goal is two finish my CCNP certification some times this year. And then there are some other certification I really wanna get started on…  There are so much out there that I do not know yet.. and that I’m eager to learn. And in between all this,  I’ll see if I get around and apply for some jobs….

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