UniFi – the little WLC that could..

Ubiquiti is a small company that is making some really cheap devices. You kind of get enterprise capabilities at the cost for Small office/home office (SOHO) devices. And if you are a bit over average, and thinking of getting more then one access point up and running at your home (or office). This might be a good choice. You can’t compare it to large enterprise system like Cisco, but for the price it’s worth checking out.

My tip (or attempt to add something to my memory back here at dev/null) is that when using a UniFi controller on a 64bit Ubuntu system, you need to remember to change your java path… I knew I did when I first installed it, but forgot it when I did a dist-upgrade today.

Basically you only need to add -amd64 to your JAVA_HOME path…
Locate "/etc/init.d/unifi"

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  • Lars-Georg Paulsen07/08/2014

    Looks like they fixed it in 3.2.1

    set_java_home () {
    arch=`dpkg –print-architecture 2>/dev/null`
    support_java_ver=’6 7′
    for v in ${support_java_ver}; do
    java_list=`echo ${java_list} java-$v-openjdk-${arch}`
    java_list=`echo ${java_list} java-$v-openjdk`

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