portaudit is now obsolete

While running my daily freebsd admin task, I now see that portaudit is obsolete. No worries, changed my custom scripts to use `pkg audit` instead…  But now on one of my hosts is having huge problem updating my port collection.

For some reason `portupgrade -a` will fails miserably.

The portaudit tool is now obsolete, please remove portaudit and use the
command ‘pkg audit’ instead. See man pkg-audit(8) for more information.

! databases/ruby-bdb (ruby19-bdb-0.6.6_1) (unknown build error)
! shells/zsh (zsh-5.0.2_1) (unknown build error)
! shells/bash (bash-4.2.45) (unknown build error)
! lang/python27 (python27-2.7.6) (unknown build error)
! print/freetype2 (freetype2- (unknown build error)
! databases/gdbm (gdbm-1.10) (unknown build error)

This portaudit message is repeated several times. And portupgrade failes with a lot of packages not being able to upgrade. A unknown build error is your key word her. At first I thought the portaudit message only was for information, but it’s the root cause for several packages not being able to build. Trying to force build one of the failed packages, still gives me headaches.

Problem solved: Remove portaudit

#cd /usr/ports/ports-mngt/portaudit
#make deinstall

It says is clear text that I should remove portaudit, guess I need to listen to my FreeBSD box next time…..



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