Cisco WLC – & AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9

My new wireless setup just arrived… but after playing around with it for a while, I wanted the latest and the greatest WLC sw.. The bran new WLC 8.
But no go for me… debug my way through hell, using my google-fu without luck.. I’m stuck with this assumptions..

debug capwap error/event enable @ WLC

*spamApTask2: Oct 09 12:36:59.454: apType = 45 apModel: AIR-CAP2702I-E-K9

*spamApTask2: Oct 09 12:36:59.454: Unknown AP type. Using Controller Version!!!

It should support these Access Point, but looks like I’m out of luck, time to downgrade until Cisco releases a new version…


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  • Tom E.Christensen24/11/2014

    We have the same problem on a costumer site. We upgraded the 5508 controller to and lost all AIR-CAP3207I. One AIR-CAP3207E is working just fine.

  • Hannu28/09/2015

    Did you ever solve this? Your observations were made almost a year ago. We’ve deployed WLC pair in HA SSO config with 8.1.102 software and have AIR-CAP2602I APs experiencing the same. WLC reboot seems to solve it for a while if several APs are missing, but still there’s often one or two APs missing (we’re monitoring the AP count via SNMP). Some discussions on Cisco’s forum advice to check DHCP options (specifically VCI option 60) but to me that doesn’t make sense as using generic option 43 should be enough according to Cisco docs.

  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen28/09/2015

    My problem was with the, and I got it fix later with

    I’ve heard about other AP having problem with joining, but that is usually when you upgrade controller. If you have the possibility to debug your AP this is your best bet.

    Btw the latest 8.1 series is 8.1.122…

  • Hannu28/09/2015

    Okay, thanks. I was on a vacation and didn’t notice the new WLC release! Maybe I’ll upgrade to that, and also try to do AP debug when things start to go haywire next time. Today I finally managed to do debug on WLC after 7 APs were missing.

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