Cisco Aironet 2700E join bug

Just run across a really boring bug. A new install of 10 brand new Cisco 2700 w/ external antenna.
Will not join the controll at all. Keeps looping, through the 4 different ways to join, even if DNS for CISCO-CAPWAP-CONTROLLER was a valid DNS lookup.

What really made this sux, was that all the AP was mounted 9 meters above floor level.


Log onto to everyone of them, through consoll, and do a simple

ping cisco-capwap-controller

That’s it… it will then find the controller, join, get sw and config, and it’s all happy days!

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  • charlie yi11/03/2015

    Do you know if there is a bug ID filed for this? I believe I am running into the same issue. Do not want to revert to option 43 since it is vendor specific.

  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen24/03/2015

    Experienced some similar problems today, check out my other post..

    This bug, might be related to the Field Notice: FN – 63916

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