ROTH – Touchline POC PHP Wrapper

** Updated 27 feb 2015**

New version,  still just a phpwrapper, but should now be easily be implementing in another system. Dropped the whole jquery mobile, to keep it simple… This is a POC for the




There is no security, no validation, no nothing… so use it at your own risk.. 🙂


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  • Dennis Kucza19/06/2015

    Hi Lars

    Nice work!

    Any idea why im getting this error, after i enter my ip?

    Setting up ROTH Touchline for the first time….
    We found sensors..
    Building sensor data get method….

    Warning: Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /var/www/ on line 70

  • Simon13/07/2015

    Hi Lars,

    you just saved me a bunch of hours figuring out how to manage the Touchline system without using the Roth iOS app. Thanks a lot! 🙂


  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen14/07/2015

    @Dennis: not sure, are you sure you have the correct IP? can’t you do a manual pull of sensor values, with curl?

    @Simon: Tnx, would love to see what you guys make with this.. I just love the low end stuff, UX and pretty GUI is not my thing. 🙂

  • Daniel20/02/2016

    Hello Lars
    Great PHP thanks a lot! The official App isn’t very useful for me neither, but your work is simply easy and time saving… In my opinion there are just a few things missing, such as config.json and data.json. Could you maybe send me this drafts or leave it as a comment? As well I am very interested in the srvip data. Do you have it, too? Thank you. Daniel

  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen22/02/2016

    Data and config files are generate when you do the simple setup the first time you run it… There is no point it providing mine, as they will not fit your setup.

  • Jon Carlsen26/10/2016


    i’m still waiting on getting my control module changed so it can be accessed on the network. While i wait i have been looking into hacking roth and i found your blog post.

    My Idea is to hook it up to Home-bridge so it will work with HomeKit.

    Next goal is to hook it into Netatmo or similar as a virtual thermostat to use a better interface and learning about the home and zones.

    What is your thoughts going forward, i’m lookward to that i can start hacking it. Do i need at specific firmware on the roth in order to get your code to work?

  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen28/10/2016

    I’ve heard some issues that the latest firmware is having some problems. But not sure. And so has said that it’s not possible to downgrade (this is not confirmed) I haven’t had time to play much with it lately… so guess it’s up to you guys to make something usefull out of it. 🙂

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