DIY – Climbing wall

Newest home building project just finished, and a small bouldering wall for my kids, is now hanging right smach in the middle of our living room, not hidden away in the garage where it would never be used. Any one interest in repeating? Here is my step-by-step and bill of cost.


So hard can it be, well some google fu, and about 2 nights in the garage was all it took.

#1 – Building the frame

Started of with a plywood  board, witch you can get at your local shop. Actually I couldn’t get a hold of thinker then 12mm, without a toungue and groove side, but I got the shop to cut it off. Screw your 48×38 on around the frame, and have some every 60cm for make it stronger. I miss judged and ended up without a extra poll in the middle….


#2 – Marking the spot

Since this was going to be a child only wall, I figure 20×20 cm would be perfect, so I drew out a crossing with 10cm spacing. Drilled a hole, should have used a 11mm drill, but that’s almost impossible to get a hold of, a 12mm should do the trick, and get a propper one, like this one:



#3 – Sanding and Painting

Time to make it smooth before making it sandy….. Well smooth the edges, and make it look like one whole piece. Round all the corners to make it kid friendly…and I got a tip to make the surface a bit better to climb on, put some sand in the paint.. but I actually found something much better. Structure painting, usually used for cement walls, but for this it worked perfectly.

#4 – Hit it

Klomutter, islagsmutter, T nuts, a lot of them needed to be fitted on the board, before hanging it up on the wall. (Thnx to Adam I now know what it’s called in english..)

#5 – Mount it on the wall

All done, put it some where nice… if you have the space, put up mulitple modules, I only have space for one, maybe a can extend it upward on the roof, but that would be some other mission.

I’ll update the post with overview of cost, and build materials!

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  • Adam29/03/2016

    Great wall! islagmutter are “T nuts” in English, btw.

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