WiFu Course and OSWP cert

That’s it, I’m now a OWSP, yet another fun course from Offensive security. Not even remotely close to the OSCP, but it does have some fun topics if your into wireless. A lot of the reviews I’ve read online, said that should pay attention to theory in the start, maybe if was just me, but most of the stuff there was well known from before. Guess my time in the Cisco Wireless world has given me an advantages. Β What I learn the most of, was the the aircrack suit. Just barley played with it before, but getting to know all the programs and evry possible “switch”, gave me a huge knowledge boost when it comes to wireless hacking.

But, before even thinking of signing up for this course, you need to get some hardware. This is a self-hosted LAB, so you need a wireless card, and a “vulnerable” access point. I’ve got an Alpha wireless card from before, but I though I was good with a DIR-615 Router. This, however, was not vulnerable for the chop-chop attack or the fragmentation attack. This a pretty straight forward attack, but it sucked not being able to try this in the LAB. I did order a DIR-601 from Ebay, and it did arrive (but only after the exam) πŸ˜›

I’m not gonna write a full review, but here some other reviews I found helpful before signing up;

g0tmi1k.com Β – offensive-security-wireless
techexams.net – 69458-passed-oswp-offensive-security-backtrack-wifu

I do however agree a lot with g0tmi1k. The course might be a little outdated, and there a some new attack vectors that are not covered during the course. The end of the course has a couple of topics I would love to get in a little deeper….

But hey, it was still a fun little course which I would recommend if you some spare time, and would like to get into the wireless hacking. By the way, anyone taking the exam, try beat my time to complete the exam from first ssh access to all assignments completed (-minus report): 21 minutes πŸ˜€





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  • Alvin23/12/2018

    Do you managed to pass the exam without korex chop chop or fragmentation attack

  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen02/01/2019

    The theory behind the chop chop attack and the fragmentation attack is pretty simple. If you know the theory, you be fine on the exam. To be honest, I can remember what attack were used on the exam. πŸ™‚

  • Muhammad11/07/2019

    I have D-Link with firmware 2.5.9.
    I can’t set WEP encryption in this router.please guide.
    If possible send me your firmware

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