Roth Touchline – New firmware, new approche

By the comments, and search traffic on this site a lot of people are interested in the ROTH Touchline hack that I did.
I haven’t got around playing much with it lately, as my SDCard broke, but got a new one yesterday, so here we go again.

The last firmware I was playing with was:
The current firmware is:
I’ve collected all the firmware that I’ve seen in this folder: Touchline

What has changed? The web GUI/java client is removed, but the background services are still running as before.
We can still read/write without any restrictions. And the endpoints writeVal.cgi and ILRReadValues.cgi are still functional.

The webserver default page now gives you “nothing”


In order to debug and get the values, I set up a span port to catch all the traffic to/from the touchline. By using the new android app, I was able to catch the new http/xml request. By analyzing the, it was possible to reproduce the request and get the values off the touchline device.

Writing a python wrapper to view status, read single values and write values.
As I’m just interesting in getting things to work, there are now error checks, and your allowed to write/read what you want.
That means I take no responsibility for what you try on your system!

Python script download

Basic usage, getting a status view of all endpoints.


Reading a single value, here I’m getting the room temperature for #4 – Hall.
Roth will not give you a float value, so divide the value by 100 to get right temp.


Writing is the same, here I’m change the Opmode from Holliday (2) to Normal(0) mode




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  • Mikkel13/01/2017

    Hi Lars – this is really excellent work and much appreciated! Do you know if the new firmware allowes to read out if the shunt for a room is on or off?


  • Lars-Georg S. Paulsen13/01/2017

    I think I’ve got the latest firmware, and I do not think there is a way of reading of shunt values, but you could use SollTemp and RaumTemp and calculate if the shunt is on/off.. you also have to take into consideration the opmode.

    Somebody had the same question, you can read their comments at the end

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