L2 Network Attacks – HSRP / DTP

Lately I’ve been playing around with Layer 2 attacks, usually yerisina is my go to tool, but during a HSRP attack, it was not behaving the way I wanted. So I did some research, and remember scapy can generate any packets you want. While playing around, I came across /usr/sbin/hsrp a tool from the irpas packaged. A simple attack […]

Wifi Direct – Galaxy S6 – Dot1x

My best practices rutines, says “Not-Allowed” for WiFi Direct Clients… but with a footnote that this might be causing issues on some mobile phones.. Well today I had an inssue. My brand new Galaxy S6 would not connect to my Dot1X enabled network, using WPA2-PSK everything was working..(it had Wifi-Direct disabled on this ssid..) Using […]

Cisco AP – Convert to Autonomous

I’ve done it a couple of times, but I allways forget how it’s done… Converting a brand new 2702i Access point, do the following. en debug capwap console cli debug capwap cli no-reload conf t boot manual exit wr reload Next boot: set IP_ADDR set NETMASK DEFAULT_ROUTER tftp_init tar –xtract tftp:// flash: […] – Bridging to Switch

I knew that somewhere there was information that you could get up to 4 public ip from, it used to say so on there webpage, but I can’t find it again. Usually you do not need multiple IP, but while playing with my new checkpoint I actually needed more then one… My packetfront modem […]