FreeBSD – Sendmail – Static relay

This is something I’m gonna forget, and as I use this blog as my personal notebook, I need to document this. I’ve had strange issues not being able to send mail from my web server, to a specific domain. Been troubleshooting with the hosting company, and they have tried to whitelist me, but without any […]

pfsense 2.3-Release is here!

I’ve been using pfsense for a long time, and I’ve been waiting for a gui upgrade. The new bootstrap gui looks so much better. Pfsense now looks like it belongs in the 2016! 🙂 Well done.     There a lot of new features as well, have a look at the blog post over at […]

FreeNas – Clear text passwords

Source: Just noticed this my self, while doing some routine backup. The main problem is not during backup, but also one a live system. The whole system uses clear text password, just have a look at /cf/conf/config.xml. The php code is really simple, and I managed to do a quick fix for admin users. […]