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Aurdøla – Do you feel lucky?

There is description of Aurdøla, it doesn’t contain much….. It describes Aurdøla as one of Norway steepest, when you compare gradient. It drops 220 meter in 2km, that is, on average, a gradient of 11%. The description does not say anything about the rapids but ends with: “The only thing you have to ask yourself […]

Slalom compition in Falun (Sweden)

Last weekend, Per Christian, Jonny, Halvor and myself went to Falun in Sweden to compete in Falumästerskapen 2010. With a borrowed kayak from NPF it was time to compete in my first competition in over ten years. The results? Well, very happy with the results on Saturday. Came 3rd in the slalom sprint! In the […]

Slalom training….

After finishing my kitchen, it was time to get out and enjoy one last beautifully Sunday in September. And what better way to do it, with a training session in a slalom kayak. Some random Swedish dude came and was wondering if he could take some pictures. Well, I didn’t mind, and thanks to him, […]