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Tech Net – and

Today I’m adding a new section to my website. This is section is called Tech net. Through out the years, I’ve made some small scripts, configuration files, setup etc, that I would like to save for future reference. I’m getting lost in everything that I’ve got laying around here, so why not put it up […]

Capture HDV under Linux

After searching the net for quite a long time, I finaly got HDV capturing up and running under linux. So that I won’t forget until the next time, I’v made a small tutorial on how to capture hdv, using test-mpeg2 script from Libiec61883 package, and mpeg3toc and Cinelerra. This is defently not a success storie. […]

Updated Linux Video Export Tutorial

Since my old pice of code don’t work anymore. I’v now rewritten my old tutorial for exporting video from cinelerra to dvd, and I’v now also included “exporting to xvid”, and that’s the same code I use when I export to movies that har publised here on If you have problems with anything regarding […]