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Wireshark – export cert

Recently I’ve been working a lot with Wireshark, and in one scenario I had to verify what certificate was used. Exporting the public certificate from a Wireshark it’s pretty easy if you know what to do. First you need to capture the handshake. If you do see the Client/Server Hello messages but no Certification, you […]

Vmware – Unable to connect to the MKS

Setting up a new VM today. Doing my usual rutine, but no console love for me. Unable to connect to the MKS: Login (username/password) incorrect 10 points to Vmware for a informative error message… not… Firewall… SmartTracker Viewer to the rescue. After immplementing Zones and a Checkpoint firewall, I guess I forgot to open port […] – Bridging to Switch

I knew that somewhere there was information that you could get up to 4 public ip from, it used to say so on there webpage, but I can’t find it again. Usually you do not need multiple IP, but while playing with my new checkpoint I actually needed more then one… My packetfront modem […]

Checkpoint, Dynamic WAN & PAT

Okey, this might not be your everyday problem… most company running checkpoint software do have static IPs on there WAN link, but for the sake of argument, and trying to play with some new firewall software and the process of getting certified for the CCSA I’m stuck with a dynamic IP on my WAN link, […]