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DIY – Climbing wall

Newest home building project just finished, and a small bouldering wall for my kids, is now hanging right smach in the middle of our living room, not hidden away in the garage where it would never be used. Any one interest in repeating? Here is my step-by-step and bill of cost. So hard can it be, […]

Cisco Certification path

What do you do when there is suddenly no need for you at work ?? Next think you know, your sitting at home… doing nothing…. Well, no time for weeping, time to get working, to get a a better job. I now had the chance of getting away from all the bureaucracy and get back to the technology. And […] – House building!

We’re getting closer… it’s now time! After receiving offer from several contractors, and got an estimated on how much it’s gonna cost, (witch was within our budget), it’s now a GO for new house in Voss! And to document the whole building process, I’ve mounted a DSLR camera on the old garage, witch will be taking pictures, […]

Apartment for sale!

It’s time to move, and my apartment is now out for sale! Yeah, I know it doesn’t look like my old apartment, but I got some help, styling it before putting it out for sale. And I know the TV belongs at a museum.. It’s up for grabs for anyone strong enough to carry it! […]

24Hours Makeover on my Bath!

I’m in the process of selling my apartment, and to fix it up before it goes out on the marked. It was time for a 24 hours upgrade on my bath. Started yesterday evening, ripped out the shower cabinet, mirror, and other stuff hanging around. Washed and clean before hitting the room with a fresh […]