The quest for IDS

Been playing around with IDS lately, and there is a lot of information out there, and so so many different ways of doing it. My initial plan was to just a get an old box up and running, then sniff my local network, straight forward I thought..   Snorby was my first thing on my mind, I […]

Heartbleed – Do it yourself

Playing around with heartbleed this morning, I reused my old vulnerable host, and create a super simple php login w/session script, to see how easy it was to exploit it. To easy… One visit to my heartbleed.php, (witch runs 20 login attempts to same url in the background), and make it even more oblivious logging […]

SPOTTracker plugin for WordPress

After I wrote some words on my work for a friend of mine (Spot Tracking for Armatura borealis) I’ve got a few feedbacks, and ppl wanting the code… I’ve hesitated because I eventually wanted to release it as a full blown WordPress plugin.. with unzip, active, config and use.. easy for everyone.. and one of […]

Armatura Borealis & SPOT tracking

One of my good friends has started on a big adventure. Travling around the world with a sailboat. With 3 friends he set sail from Arendal. And where do I come into the picture? Well, I’ve been helping them building a webpage/blog, with some cool features. And that’s what I’m gonna talk about now! SPOT-Tracker […] – House building!

We’re getting closer… it’s now time! After receiving offer from several contractors, and got an estimated on how much it’s gonna cost, (witch was within our budget), it’s now a GO for new house in Voss! And to document the whole building process, I’ve mounted a DSLR camera on the old garage, witch will be taking pictures, […]