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When your device is getting old…

That’s a new one. The certificate on my old old WLC is expired.So last night, after a power outage, none of my access points were able to rejoin the controller. So after some debug, the following error showed up on the access point. Google is your friend, and I found a Cisco Field Notice: FN […]

IPv6 and https

Finally my site is up and running on both https and IPv6….. Got to keep up with the technology! 🙂 One thing I do not like about WordPress, is there Media handling. Everything is stored with full URI path with http/https So all old post/pages, witch has media embedded, will comes as insecure due to […]

OSCP – Try harder…

I’m now a OSCP – Offensive Security Certified Professional. What a ride it has been, big ups, and big downs… been “high” on proof.txt files and enjoyed/hated every minuted of my PWK cource. I’ve learn a lot, and I feel proud to say that I’m an OSCP now. But what now? hmm… Been spending so much […]

WIX + = True?

As I surf around the web, I like taking a look at the code behind the scene, and one of my friends has this site that I found some odd links in the bottom of the source code. This is typical when somebody has been “Hacked” that they put in this to create google rating […]

Vmware host based web gui

Just found this sweet little extension to vmware. It’s still a bit beta, but this is worth checking out if your running standalone ESXi platform.   Download: Setup: